We at Sacramento Window Shade appreciate your visiting us here at our home on the world wide web.

Let us tell you a little about our company.

Established as a roller shade manufacturer in 1921.  Over the years, in order, to stay competitive in the changing marketplace our product line was expanded to include All interior window coverings.

Our residential customers required we become well versed in all types of products to solve a multitude of sun, and privacy issues, at which we excelled.

In the 1980's with the emergence of the "big box stores", we were forced to search for alternative ways to ply our trade. 

At that time, under the present owners, Ken and Carol Morris, the business started to expand and move into areas never before explored by our manufacturing company, such as COMMERCIAL, HOSPITAL, and GOVERNMENT ONLY interior window covering. By specializing in the commercial market we were able to bring to the client a more comfortable, practical, and energy efficient workplace.

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